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Page updated: 11th June 2021

Notices from our friends who would like to share their news and information on this website should be sent to the church office or the webmaster.

The Footprints Project
This local charity is seeking to recruit volunteer mentors, to assist with helping ex-offenders build better lives and reduce the risk of re-offending. Their letter is attached giving more information and contact details. 

South West Awake

You may remember that last year, before Covid struck and the country entered into lockdown, planning was under way for the churches to take part in South West Awake. A new date has been arranged for this year, Saturday 19th June 2021 from 10.30-11am. See the attached document.

The vision behind South West Awake is to see the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path hosted with Christians of all traditions across the region in a chain of prayer and praise. 

As for last year, the prayer positions around the coast from Bowleaze to Abbotsbury, but not including Portland, have been kept for Refresh. 

(As a church, WBC will be taking part in this powerful and profound day). 

If ever there was a time in history when we needed God's hand on this region and nation - it's now. 

Br Alasdair Kay will be leading a series of five fortnightly reflections on zoom using the book, The Spirituality Workbook, a guide to Explorers, Pilgrims and Seekers by David Runcorn. There will also be the opportunity for join others on quiet days and walks / pilgrimages. For more information or if you would like to join the group please email RevASKay@Gmail.com and the link will be sent to you.

Refresh Funding
Refresh is looking for a team of people who could help write and submit funding bids. If you have experience in this area and would like to help or are interested in finding out more and want to join the team please contact cherry.clarke600@gmail.com

Twin my Vaccine
Most of us have received our first COVID vaccination now and some of us our second.  I'm sure we are all appreciative that it has come quickly and for free thanks to the wonderful NHS.

For billions of people living in the poorest countries the question is not about WHEN they will be vaccinated but IF, ever.  They have no NHS and their national resources and governments will never be able introduce a comprehensive vaccination programme.

UNICEF has an ambitious programme to vaccinate 2 BILLION people by the end of this year.  Wow!  Of course. they are going to need the funds to do it.

A vicar and his wife in Somerset had a great idea.  Twin My Vaccine.  The invitation is for those of us who have had our free vaccinations to make a donation (perhaps equivalent to the cost we didn't have to pay for our own vaccination, £4 - £30) to the UNICEF programme to help them reach their ambitious goal.

The programme will be a huge blessing to literally billions of people, it will save lives, it will transform lives, it will alleviate poverty, it will help the world economy, and it will help protect us all from the emergence of new COVID variants that may be even more problematic.

You can read more about the initiative at the BBC news website BBC News Twin My Vaccine story .....… and you can donate through the Just Giving page Twin My Vaccine Just Giving

We've done it, will you join us? Cherry Clarke