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For Members of WBC

While we welcome everyone to Weymouth Baptist Church, and to this website, there are certain things in the Member's Area that can only be shared with members. The information is password protected to comply with Data Protection regulations

If you are a member

and have a registered Username and Password, proceed to the Members Area. Enter your Username and Password in the pop-up Sign In box:

Member's Area Sign In

If you forget your login details, send an email to the webmaster for a reminder.

To gain entry to the Member's Area if you do not have a password


Use our Contact form to register with your name. email address, a Username* and a Password**.

On the Contact Form:

  • Select the option: Access to the Member's Area
  • Add your chosen Username and Password in the Message box
  • Verify you're a human by ticking the box and selecting three images which appear
  • Click the Submit Form button

*Your username must not be your email address, use only a-z, A-Z, 0-9 (no special characters) and no spaces.

**The password must be at least 8 characters.

Make a note so that you don't forget your Username and Password, but I can remind you if you do!

How to do it:

View a completed example here, watch a YouTube video or download step-by-step full instructions.

Now go to the Contact Form.

I will verify you are a church member, add you to the register and email you confirming the entry. You will then be able to use the Member's Area link, above.

Ted Winter, Webmaster.