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From Sunday 22nd March, and for the duration of the COVID19 restrictions, the audio for the sermons listed below has been extracted from the videoed morning service featured on our homepage.

Sunday 29th November 2020:

Preachers: Rev. Peter Mockett

Series: David - After God's Own Heart

Topic: Conquering Anger1 Samuel 25:1-44

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We have archived sermons from January 2009, and are indexed in the WBC Sermon Catalogue.

For any sermon prior to 2019, a copy can be freely obtained on request using our Contact Form (select Request for a Sermon in the drop-down box), stating the date, CD Number and title of the sermon/s required. The sermon will be supplied as an mp3 file, typically around 10MB, attached to the emailed reply, usually within 24 hours.

We regret we can no longer supply sermons on CD's.