Publications, and documents freely available to download


The Sunday Reminder and Weekly News UpdatesReminder Front Page

The Sunday Reminder is Weymouth Baptist Church’s Monthly newsletter. Published in two editions on the first Friday of the month, the printed four-page version is available at the door on Sunday mornings. A large-print copy for the visually-impaired can be ordered on application to the church office.

The second version is also published on the first Friday of the month as a pdf file and emailed to members. It includes the Mission News as a supplement when available. On the remaining Fridays in the month the emailed Weekly News Update is sent to members.

Regular attendees can also request a copy; contact the Church Office via the Contact Form.

Mission News

Compiled by Rosemary Croft, the Mission News is published as news becomes available, and comes as a supplement to the emailed version of the Sunday Reminder, or a printed copy available from the Hub in the church Welcome Area. A large-print copy for the visually impaired can be ordered on application to the church office.

Documents to downloadResources

Various documents are available for download as a pdf.

How to access the Member's Area

A step-by-step guide.

Previous Pastors of WBC

list of Pastors that have served at WBC (formerly known as Bank Buildings).

Sermon Catalogue

We hold sermons from January 2009, indexed in the Sermon Catalogue.

Sermons from 2019 onwards can be downloaded via the Sermons page.

Copies of any sermon prior to 2019 can be made freely available on request using our Contact Form (Request for a sermon), with the details of the sermon/s required. The sermon will be copied as an mp3 file, typically around 10MB, and delivered to your inbox via a file-transfer service..

Pamphlets by Rev. Peter Mockett

Domestic Abuse

If you are affected in any way by domestic abuse, the Baptist Union has issued this Guide, accompanied by this Youtube video.

WBC's Statements, Policies and Guides

WBC’s Constitution
Our Constitution can be viewed here: WBC Constitution

WBC's Ethos Statement
The Statement on the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of WBC

WBC’s Data Protection Policy

WBC's Safeguarding Policy

Volunteer Forms for new volunteers

WBC’s Detailed Guidelines for Premises Users
The  guide for those hiring rooms at WBC

WBC's Aide Memoire for key holders
Proceedures for key holders when admitting visiting groups to the premise

WBC’s Health & Safety Guide
guide for members and visitors to WBC when on our premises

Other Documents

Sensitive documents which contain personal information are only available to WBC members from the Member's Area. These documents are:

  • The WBC Member's Directory
  • Life Group Menu
  • WBC Ministry Team List
  • Ministries Report
  • Youth and Children's Report