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Page updated 18th September 2020


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WBC Bank Buildings
 If you have reason to go into the premises (by whichever door you use) please can you sign in and out so that we have a record of who has been in the building for track and trace purposes.  There is a sign-in sheet on the table as you go into the side corridor from the side entrance door.

Church Reopening
See below under Notices

WBC News
As mentioned in last week’s WBC News, I shall be on holiday from Monday 21st September to Friday 2nd October.

 If you have any items for the WBC News for Friday 25th September or Friday 2nd October then please send these to Peter via email. Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news, then ideally these should be received by Thursday lunchtime each week.


Be blessed, Sue.

Dates for your Diary

Church Prayer Meetings


Wednesday 23rd September 2020 (2.30 pm and 7.30 pm)

 We have a few places still available for both prayer meetings, but we need to have your booking by the evening of Sunday 20th September. Please email Liz Tripp giving your name and the number of places you would like to reserve.


If you have already requested to attend, further information will be sent to you by the evening of Tuesday 22nd September, which will include final arrangements and any updated precautions issued by the government/Baptist Union. If you do not receive this information by the evening of the 22nd, please contact Liz Tripp (see contact details above).


Please pray for the church reopening plans overall, as we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance.

Church Members' Meetings 2020
(Subject to confirmation)

Tuesday 13th October. Non-members' welcome.


A virtual walk around the church

If you are missing being in church, like I am, you might like this photographic stroll around the building.

These photos were taken back in February 2007, so a few things have changed, and some views may be new to you. The slide-show is a YouTube video. Ted Winter.

Church Reopening

You will recall that we announced the possibility of opening the church for Sunday Services in the future, also looking into 'live streaming' a Sunday Service from the church. There may also be opportunities for Life Groups to meet in the building for bible study. We will be strictly following the current government/Baptist Union guidelines and restrictions for all indoor meetings

Daily Bread

If you would like to receive a copy of the July/August/September edition of these daily bible devotions, then Rosemary Croft has 8 copies. Please note that these copies are in large print. To obtain a copy then please phone Rosemary.

Please pray for NEW Deacons

We particularly need a deacon to take on responsibility for the church fabric (you don’t have to be an expert – there is help from other church members) also for someone to pick up our Communications and IT area. Please speak to Peter if you know someone who may be right, or you feel the calling yourself. Many thanks and we keep trusting God for our future.

Update on The Nest
Some of you will have seen in last week’s ‘WBC News’ that The Nest is well on the way to opening a much needed social supermarket in Weymouth. Some of you will also remember that this vision was given by God almost 4 years ago and you may well have been wondering what has happened in the intervening years. Now is the time to tell.

 Acting on the vision in 2016/17 led to seeking premises none of which were suitable. The vision of supplying food to those in need, expanded to setting up a Christian Centre in the town to help people move from dependency to independency – “feed, foster, flourish and fly”. A company, The Nest CIC, was registered with Companies House in 2018 (due in no small part to the efforts of Mike Scully) but despite human efforts nothing was happening. Professional advice warned us that we were trying to do too much all at once and that we should focus on just one thing. That one thing was the original reason for the project, which was to reach more people who struggled to put food on the table. Also, people kept saying that we had to be patient and await God’s time - but that was difficult!

The pandemic changed all that. Attendance at a Weymouth Community ‘Zoom’ meeting in June was the catalyst for the Foodbank to change and The Nest to kick into action. This was God’s time. He was on the move. He brought together an amazing team to get things moving. Elaine Pullen joined Nigel Ovenden and myself on the board of directors. Fiona Johnson in her professional capacity in Public Health, with a responsibility for promoting nutritious food, and Fiona Daborn, with her fund raising skills, joined the working team and it was all systems go. God’s promises have been fulfilled and God’s premises have been provided. The back room at The Waverley Community

Hub in Abbotsbury Road has been leased for 9 months from 1st October. This is thanks to Kevin Hodder, the CEO of East Boro Housing, who has been a tremendous support and shares the vision of feeding the needy. So we needed a shop manager! God speaks – even on the golf course – and one name came to mind and wouldn’t go away, so, having finished the round, a phone call to Eli Holland put the idea in his head. As it was God’s idea it was not a surprise that after praying about it Eli accepted the challenge. He is now a paid employee of The Nest and is working hard.

Two successful grant applications have brought in £2,500 and a Crowd-funding page has been set up. All the local supermarkets have been visited to ask if they can help with usable food that is surplus to their requirements and we are trusting God to supply all our needs which, by the way, are considerable. We lack funds and retail experience but we have a target date of opening on 1st October. We also have a vision and a dream and a determination to make it a reality despite people saying we’re mad. We are – but God has shown us so many ‘Godincidences’ in the last few weeks that we know He will make it a success and people’s needs will be met.


To put the need in context – 10% of the UK population is classed as ‘Food Insecure’ which means that they cannot guarantee to put food on the table. Because Weymouth is classed as a deprived area, together with the fact that it is a coastal town suffering the effects of Covid-19, that percentage is likely to be higher than 10. A recent survey of Foodbanks nationally revealed that 2% of the population use Foodbanks so that leaves more than 8% of the local population who will need help to provide cheaper food. In Weymouth & Portland that represents around 2,500 households i.e. roughly 6,000 people. So this is God’s time to address the needs of many people and we have the privilege of being at the forefront of His work in this area.


Please pray for the whole venture, the team, the finances, the venue, the provision of food, the volunteers, equipment, the support which will be needed, the effect we will have on the community and the testimony of God’s goodness in bringing all this about.  Neil Hardisty


James 1v6. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

Online Sunday Services

While we're on lockdown and producing our Sunday services online, why not subscribe to our Weymouth Baptist Church YouTube channel and get each service automatically? If you're watching a service here on our website, click on the "YouTube" link at the bottom right corner, then, in YouTube, just click on the red Subscribe button, and then the bell icon, and you will get a notification whenever a new service is posted.

For those who are unable to view the WBC online Services
We would like to be able to share a bigger part of the WBC Sunday online services to those folk who are unable to see or hear the services for themselves. If you would like to be linked with a Church Member who could relay the service over the telephone for you to hear, then please contact the Church Office. So, obviously we would be seeking members willing to offer this to those who have shown an interest. Likewise, please contact the Church Office.

Need help?

Church members and regular attenders - Please don’t forget that we have volunteers who are happy to run errands, pick up prescriptions, help with shopping and also dog walking. Contact Sue, Tel: 01305 823350 or Helen Tel: 07730 252481 and we will put someone in touch with you.

Also, there are members of the prayer team who would gladly pray over the phone with you. Again, please contact Sue who will ask one of the team to contact you.

Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news, then please contact the church office by Thursday lunchtime each week.

Pastoral Updates

Kindly inform the Church Office of any changes to your details i.e. address, telephone number or email address. Many thanks.


If you would like to contact any of the Pastors, then please feel free to call them on the mobile numbers below (please respect their time off so they can be with their families):

  • Senior Pastor Peter 07969 668509 (Peter's day off is Monday)
  • Pastor in Training Jayne Newton 07522 281539 (Jayne works for WBC on Wednesday and Friday)
  • Youth Pastor Tim Oguto 07968 032779 (Tim's day off is Wednesday)

Please note
This web-page is updated weekly from the WBC News which is emailed to WBC members and regular attendees, and we would ask that you keep personal, church information and family news confidential within the church family.
Thank you