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Page updated: 31st March 2023

Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news for the WBC News, please send these to Ted via email ideally by Wednesday lunchtime.


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News Updates

Sunday Evening Prayer Meetings for January
Twice a month church members and friends join together in praying as a church - on the first Sunday evening of the month together in church and a fortnight later on Zoom.
Both meetings start at 7.15 pm. The next prayer evening is Sunday 2nd April in church followed by Sunday 16th April on Zoom.

Young People’s Service This Sunday
This Sunday the young people are taking the service with the title  "Expecting God - Do Justly" It's a bit cryptic but will make sense on the day. Please note that the young people (11-18) are welcome to stay on after church for lunch and activities.
The Youth Band will be introducing a new song to us, the powerful “So will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong United, Get a preview of the song on YouTube:

Sunday Services on Zoom
The next two services, on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, will not be available on Zoom due to operational difficulties.

Dates for your Diary 

Good Friday, 7th April
It has been decided that this year, WBC folk would be encouraged to attend either the ones being organised by 'Refresh', or attend the one at Portland (see the Local News page).

Walking Weyfinders
The April walk will be around Lorton Meadows led by Peter Joslin on Tuesday 11th April
Gill Bridle

Upcoming Sunday Services Visit our Worship Services page.


Flowers for Easter

A few years ago we decorated the church with ‘Lilies for Remembrance’ and we thought is would be appropriate to do it again this year.
If you would like us to include a lily in remembrance of a loved one please let us know. All we ask is for a small donation towards the cost. A list of all those being remembered will be included on one of the windowsills.
There will be a list you can sign in the welcome area with an envelope for your donation or you can hand it to Sarah, Doris or Brenda. Alternatively, you can send me an email.

Church Phone Numbers
Christina, our new Church Administrator, now has her own work phone, the number being 07708 385735.
Christina works part-time, so if you phone you should be prepared to leave a message if the phone isn’t answered immediately and Christina will get back to you in due course.
Please also bear in mind that any urgent pastoral requests should go to Jonathan, our Pastoral Support Coordinator, and his number is 07724 285855.

Signing in when entering WBC
Because of safeguarding issues, Signing-in Forms when entering the building are going to be reinstated. They will be situated near both the side door and office door, and the details need to be completed on entry, and the time out on exit.
This will be for individuals only, there will be no requirement for groups to complete the form.

King's Coronation Street Party
As a celebration of the King’s coronation on 6th May 2023 we are planning a street party in South Parade, next to the Church, on Sunday 7th May following the Morning Service.
If you are interested in being part of the team running the event, please contact Dave Rees by next Friday 17th March.

House Sitter Required
Steve and Louise Dukes are going on holiday for two weeks at the end of June and would like to pay someone to house sit for them and look after their dogs so they don’t have to go in a kennel They are small friendly dogs and we have a big garden they use.
We genuinely want to pay someone as it is a big ask.

Shining Light Fund
A WBC member has recently set up a fund called the 'Shining Light' Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial help to those in our church community who may have just about been managing 'to make ends meet', then suddenly get an unplanned expense impossible to fund without going into severe debt.
For example, this could be a boiler repair, or a car (essential for work) needing repairs to get it through the MOT. If that is you, or you know someone who would benefit from urgent financial help, please contact Jonathan Greening.
All requests will be handled in strictest confidence, and any money granted would not need to be repaid. Also, if anyone would like to make a financial contribution to keep the 'Shining Light' Fund solvent, please contact Neil Hardisty, WBC Treasurer.

WBC Documents Available
As well as the updated Ethos Statement, paper copies will be available on application from the Church Office for the Church Profile, 2022 Statement of Accounts and the 2022 Ministries Report.
The Ethos Statement is also available here under Resources, and the 2022 Ministry Report together with the 2023 Ministry Teams list can be seen in the Member’s Area.

Deacon's Meeting, Tuesday Evening, 4th April
Please pray for the leaders (Neil, Liz, Martin, Allan and Ted) as they meet to work through items of finance, fabric and other matters occuring through this month.

Weymouth Foodbank
Weymouth Foodbank are short of large, strong plastic bags and egg-boxes.  If you have any please can you leave in the Foodbank box in the church foyer.
Many thanks,
Weymouth Foodbank

Coronation Celebration at Westhaven House
If anyone would like to help at an afternoon tea (4 pm) for the Coronation Celebration at Westhaven House on Monday 8th May, we would be glad of one or two volunteers. We are planning to use caterers this time so no food prep is involved – just helping people to get to the lounge and back (some are in wheelchairs), serving tea and coffee and helping people to get their food if they need a hand. Please contact Andrew and Mary Jane.
We are looking forward to helping the church with their street party too, so please save us some wheelchair and mobility scooter spaces. If the bunting was available afterwards on the Monday, we would be pleased to borrow it and any decorations that might be left from the church do if not already needed for somewhere else, so some help with the decorations would be fantastic as well.
Many thanks,
Mary Jane and Andrew

Belonging to Baptists Together
“This booklet is a short introduction to Baptists Together, exploring our distinctive identity as Baptists and what it means to belong in our movement. Our churches have always come together for encouragement, support and fellowship. Using the New Testament as our guide, we believe we should not live in isolation from one another but rather be inter-dependent. Our Declaration of Principle is the basis of our Union and a creative expression of our identity.”
So begins an eight page booklet which is recommended reading for those new to our denomination, and those not so new.
It is freely available here from Baptists Together to download or to view in your browser, and for those who don’t have this option there will be copies available soon on the table in the Welcome Area.

Home Communion
Anyone wishing to receive Communion in their own home (preferably on a Thursday) please contact Jo-Jo (details in the Members Directory or via the Office).

We (still) want your selfies!
Yay! We have now reached a total of 57 members' photos in our Member’s Directory photo album, but that means 68 members are still thinking about it!
Kindly email or give your photos to me, Ted Winter as soon as possible.
I will be happy to have a chat and give any assistance needed.