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Page updated 9th April 2021

Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news for the WBC News, please send these to Sue via email ideally by Thursday lunch time.


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WBC Bank Buildings

If you have reason to go into the premises (by whichever door you use) please can you sign in and out so that we have a record of who has been in the building for track and trace purposes.  There is a sign-in sheet on the table as you go into the side corridor from the side entrance door, and also one on a clipboard at the bottom of the WBC office stairs.

Dates for your Diary

Kids on the Wey
Sunday 11th April
Friends and Heroes Series 2 – Ep 17 - Rescue Strangers
- It seems Macky may be getting a little full of himself. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Barnabas who objected to being treated as gods in Lystra but, later, when a stranger named Tamar urges him to attempt a risky mission, Macky readily agrees. Portia is angry with him for rejecting her advice and choosing a stranger’s, and Isaac recounts the story of Michal’s rescue of David from King Saul in order to motivate Portia to action.

Sunday 18th April
Friends and Heroes Series 2 – Ep 18 - Prince for a Day
- Macky sets out to rescue the real Daniel, this time disguised as a Roman noble. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Elymas to underscore the danger of trying to be something you’re not, while Macky contrasts the Romans’ over-abundance and lack of gratitude with his own people’s tribulations when he tells Portia the story of Moses and the Miracle Water.

The web address and password for both dates are published in the WBC News, or available from the team.

South West Awake
You may remember that last year, before Covid struck and the country entered into lockdown, planning was under way for the churches to take part in South West Awake. A new date has been arranged for this year, Saturday 19th June 2021 from 10.30-11 am. 

The vision behind South West Awake is to see the 630 miles of the South West Coast Path hosted with Christians of all traditions across the region in a chain of prayer and praise. 

As for last year, the prayer positions around the coast from Bowleaze to Abbotsbury, but not including Portland, have been kept for Refresh. 

(As a church, WBC will be taking part in this powerful and profound day). 

If ever there was a time in history when we needed God's hand on this region and nation - it's now.

Upcoming Sunday Services
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Need help?

Church members and regular attenders - Please don’t forget that we have volunteers who are happy to run errands, pick up prescriptions, help with shopping and also dog walking. Contact Sue, Tel: 01305 823350 or Helen Tel: 07730 252481 and we will put someone in touch with you.

Also, there are members of the prayer team who would gladly pray over the phone with you. Again, please contact Sue who will ask one of the team to contact you.

If you would like to contact any of the Pastors, then please feel free to call them on the mobile numbers below (please respect their time off so they can be with their families):

  • Senior Pastor Peter Mockett 07969 668509 (Peter's day off is Monday)
  • Minister in Training Jayne Newton 07724 285855 (Usual work days: Tuesday, Wednesday and  Friday)
  • Youth Pastor Tim Ogutu 07968 032779 (Tim's day off is Wednesday)

Useful website addresses

WBC’s YouTube Channel:
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Online Sunday Services
While we're on lockdown and producing our Sunday services online, why not subscribe to our Weymouth Baptist Church YouTube channel and get each service automatically? If you're watching a service here on our website, click on the "YouTube" link at the bottom right corner, then, in YouTube, just click on the red Subscribe button, and then the bell icon,
and you will get a notification whenever a new service is posted.

Sermons are still being posted on this website's Weekly Sermons page.

WBC's Online Noticeboard
Do you have a For Sale or Wanted notice, or perhaps a flyer that, in more normal times, would have gone on the Church noticeboard? You can still advertise, but on the Church's virtual noticeboard. Just follow this link and post your notice. If you find this sort of thing daunting, email your notice to Ted Winter, who will "pin" it to the board for you.

WBC Building Plans
If anyone has any drawings of the WBC building and/or piped and electrical services in WBC, would they please give them to Martin Gardener. You can contact him on email or phone (number in the Member's Directory).

He is happy to come and collect any information that you may have.

Ladies Fellowship
Matthew 18:20 For where two or three come together in My name, I am there with them.

Lovely ladies, join us for a morning cuppa and chat via ‘Zoom’ every Wednesday at 11.30 am (please note the change of time).

Just to see someone can make a difference. Ladies, this will open the doors to enable us to have:

  • A chance to speak, looking at each other woman to woman.
  • A time to praise God for all of His provision.
  • A time to share, chat and laugh together.
  • An opportunity to share hope and positivity.
  • Fellowship to build each other up, to encourage one another.
  • With a time of shared prayer at 11.15am

To join the Zoom meeting, or if you need any further information, please contact June Stephens.

For those who do not have ‘Zoom’ the phone, or text  "how are you?" is already working well, and so wonderfully welcoming during the week.

Luke 1:45 And blessed is she that believed.

IT Support Technician
This position within WBC has been vacant for some time now. If you are a WBC member and think you may be interested, but unsure and need questions answering, and/or would like to see the job description, please contact Ted Winter for an informal chat.

Accommodation Required
Mary-Jane and Andrew Wallace are looking for suitable accommodation for a care team to look after Andrew at home. A 2 bedroom ground floor Disability Friendly Accommodation, spacious enough for wheelchair use with  accessible doorways and entrance. Large wet room  or bathroom that could be adapted and living room that could accommodate a wheelchair. Some outside space for storage of disability equipment (or room to put some storage).

It would need to be available in the next 6-12 weeks ideally, and the landlord or lady would need to be happy to accept housing benefit. A suitable shared housing situation would also be considered.

If you know of anything suitable available for long term rent, please contact Mary-Jane as soon as possible via the church office.

Mission News

Ydson's March Placement Update

Hope all is well with you guys? 

Ydson here with another update of my placement life here in Southmead, Bristol! 

Let’s take a dive shall we?!

But before we do, I just want to say a massive thank you for all your continued support and prayers that have helped me thus far. 

The past couple of weeks were great! Reaching a new personal milestone: I did a 45+ km Cycle from Bristol to Bath using the cycle path (Never knew I enjoyed cycling so much - well so far haha). 

Also, I have started taking a Sabbath where I turn off my phone and stop doing admin work for a full 24 hours to spend time being mindful of God’s presence whilst doing other activities. 

Highly recommend taking a Sabbath, a good refreshing feeling will overcome you the next day.

Moreover, we have been able to run (once a month) a support group for the young people and we are looking at the series “Youth Well-Being Journey” which I think was created by ‘HOPE Together’- which I think is a brilliant series for the young people in such a time like these. 

However, with the restrictions easing, we can now run our outdoor activities with them (following the guidelines of course)! 

The Community Church has started gathering in person recently which has also been great - on the first day back, they had us write our expressions such as ‘Amen’ ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Preach it Preacher’ on a paper that when the preacher said something we found profound we would raise it in agreement. It was hysterical.

I had written an article titled “The Talk: Faith” for a course assignment and thought it would be great to share the story with you. I have attached a link of it at the end of this letter or you can ask Sue for a copy of it if you would love to have a read of it as well.

I do hope that everything is pleasant at Weymouth Baptist and pray that God will continue to bless and watch over you all. 

Link to article: The Talk.pdf  

God Bless You 
Ydson (Itcyn)

The Douglas Family - Spring time 2021
They are enjoying Spring time here in the UK and appreciating all the lovely flowers, especially daffodils. The family have adjusted well to lockdown life, they have been lent bikes and have enjoyed exploring the amazing network of green cycle-ways around Birmingham. Helen and Angus have been able to continue remotely with some of their involvements in Nepal. Helen has continued working on several research projects she is conducting with colleagues in Patan hospital, and Angus too with some of INF work with their strategic review team, and with his Masters. Caleb, Charis and Esther have completed 12 months of online schooling. Whilst all of them would agree it is not their preferred style of learning, on the whole they have just got on with it. During March Caleb sat mock AS level exams. It is unlikely that Nepal’s summer exams will be cancelled, unlike the UK, however, Caleb will not be in the country to sit them. The current plan is that he will take his AS papers in November. This is not ideal, it hopefully means that he will have some face to face lessons and laboratory experiments before his first exam.

PTL Helen’s operation took place on the 25th March and she is now in the recovery time which will take some weeks yet, they are Praying that all goes well and that they will be cleared to travel, and they would obviously like to see their families (as rules permit) before going back to Nepal.

They are very excited that their international adoption has reached the final stage, after medical clearance they will travel to South Africa to adopt their new son. It is now six years since God put this on their hearts, at times the process has been slow but they are rejoicing in God’s amazing provision and timing.

In Nepal although the Prime Minister Oli had dissolved parliament and called an early election, the supreme court has ruled this as unconstitutional and ordered parliament back to work. The country is reeling economically from Covid and desperate to encourage tourists to return. Many Nepalis, including some medical colleagues believe that Covid has gone away, looking at the busy markets and buses it would be easy to believe, but the recent increase in cases next door in India makes this unlikely. Nepal has started a vaccination programme with donations from India but there is concern about future supply, Nepal may quickly face a second Covid wave.

They did not really plan to be in the UK this spring. God had other plans. He knew that their INF visa would be delayed, online schooling would continue, that they needed a Sabbath rest and space before the challenges of adoption, He knew what lay ahead for them. 

In Isaiah 55 it says that His ways and plans are higher than ours, His plans stretch and grow our faith, teaching deeper dependency and trust in Him, but always for our good and His glory (these are their words). They have marvelled again and again at God’s timing and provision. He has provided for a house for them to stay in Birmingham, to Helen’s operation coming on the given date and fitting in with the adoption plans. They say that even when we cannot see, He is present and working.

Please join them in praying for –

  • INF’s general agreement is still waiting for government approval. Pray this process would be completed to enable their important work and visa posts to be secured for the next 5 years.
  • Nepal’s government that they might unite and work to serve the country and particularly those most vulnerable.
  • Helen’s full recovery from surgery.
  • That will be able to have their Covid vaccinations before they travel to South Africa and Nepal.
  • That their adoption goes smoothly and that they will transition well as a family.

They thank everyone at WBC for our love Prayers and support, they are vital and much appreciated.
Rosemary Croft.

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