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Page updated 26th July 2021

Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news for the WBC News, please send these to Sue via email ideally by Thursday lunch time.


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News Updates


The rotas for this Sunday and next Sunday here.

Dates for your Diary

Walking Weyfinders
Would you like to join us for a walk?  

Our August walk will be on Tuesday 10th August exploring Tout Quarry, Portland starting at 2.30pm. Gill Bridle.

Upcoming Sunday Services
Visit our Worship Services page.


WBC Bank Buildings

If you have reason to go into the premises (by whichever door you use) please can you sign in and out so that we have a record of who has been in the building for track and trace purposes.  There is a sign-in sheet on the table as you go into the side corridor from the side entrance door, and also one on a clipboard at the bottom of the WBC office stairs.

The Sunday Reminder
After nearly 18 months the Sunday Reminder has been published again.

It is different however, in that instead of being a weekly publication it will only be published monthly, on the first Friday of the month. This is to offset the criticism that it was too repetitive, and it will be the greener option by savings on printing and paper. The dates of publication will be Friday 23rd July, 6th August and then monthly.

Weekly news updates wont be forgotten though; these will be posted on this page, and also displayed on the screen before the start of the Sunday service.

The Sunday Reminder was by subscription only, but since the WBC Newsletter has been going out to all church members that we have email addresses for, and to those non-members that wanted it, this will continue with the Sunday Reminder, so there is no need for you to do anything to continue getting your copy.

Named large print (monochrome) copies of the Reminder will still be provided in the letter racks in the Welcome Area. Anyone wishing to receive these, then please do not hesitate to ask Sue for a copy.

As we get back into the swing of things and the various groups that make up the life of the church start working again, the rotas for these groups will no longer be printed in the Reminder. Instead, they will be emailed to everyone concerned on a weekly basis, and will continue to detail the current and following week. Rotas will also be available to view on this website.

Printed copies of the Reminder will still be available in the Welcome Area, but if you have received your copy by email, please consider leaving the printed copies for visitors, thereby further reducing our printing and paper costs.

I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to Sue Sparks for taking on the WBC Newsletter during this lock-down. Without Sue freeing me up from the Sunday Reminder, I would have been unable to compile the weekly Sunday service videos.

Ted Winter, Communications and Publicity

Volunteers Wanted please
  • To staff up the AV Team as we go back into the church building for worship. Whether you‘re a hotshot with sound desk mixing or can drive a basic PC your support on a rota to provide sound and vision on a Sunday morning would be gratefully appreciated. Please contact Murray if you might be able to help. Thank you.

WBC Crèche
We are in real need of helpers whose job role will be to help watch and interact with the children in our care, with the help of the session leader. This will include a wipe down of all toys that are out before, during and after, and also to help pack away them away. Due to children moving up to new groups, and their parent helpers also moving on, we have a real shortage. If we were to lose any more we really would not be able to provide this service for our wonderful children and families. 

If we were able to add just 2 more helpers we would be able to have each person only on once a month. If you feel that this is something you can do then please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself.  

P.S. We are not operating the crèche until at least the 3rd Sunday that we are back in the building.

Thank you so much, God bless,

Leighanne Hart
Crèche leader at Weymouth Baptist Church