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Page updated 29th May 2020


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Church weekend away at Moorlands College 21-23 August 2020
It is with regret that our planned weekend away is CANCELLED by the College, due to the current government restrictions. The College is unable to offer a suitable weekend in 2021, and therefore our deposit will be refunded.
All who have booked will be similarly reimbursed in due course - Neil will be in touch. Whilst we cannot go away together as a church at the moment, we are hoping to arrange a day outing when restrictions are lifted - more details to follow.

Refresh - Thy Kingdom Come - 24 Hour Prayer

The event is scheduled to start on Saturday 30th May at 8 am and finish on Sunday 31st May at 8 am.

Time: May 30, 2020 08:00 AM London

Zoom meeting:

If there are any issues with Zoom during the event please visit this webpage for updates.

Please Note
Jayne Newton and Tim Ogutu will be on holiday from Monday 25th May to Monday 1st June. Any pastoral matters should be passed to Peter Mockett.

Sue will be on holiday next week. Please send anything for the WBC News to Peter Mockett (Senior Pastor).

Dates for your Diary

Church Members' Meetings 2020 (Subject to confirmation)

The dates for this year will be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 14th July, Tuesday 13th October.

Non-members' welcome.


Pastors desk

Pentecost: Extraordinary Power for Ordinary People

Then Amaziah said to Amos, “Get out, you seer! Go back to the land of Judah. Earn your bread there and do your prophesying there… Amos answered Amaziah, “I was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I was a shepherd, and I also took care of sycamore-fig trees. But the LORD took me from tending the flock and said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel.’ Now then, hear the word of the LORD. (Amos 7:12,14-16).

Amaziah didn’t like the hard message that Amos was bringing. In his rejection he tells Amos that he should go elsewhere to do his prophesying. Amos responds by saying he’s not a professional, his origins are as a shepherd and an orchard-keeper. But God had called him and given him words to declare to Israel. Therefore, he would speak them out whatever anyone said.

This is proof that God uses ordinary people for his purposes. God isn’t looking for people with special gifts and backgrounds as though significant things are only done through them. What kind of theology is that? As though God adds his blessing to our skills. The Bible doesn’t teach that. The Bible shows that God gives gifts to ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Amos has no special background or gifts before God empowered him by the Holy Spirit.

In the poem The Touch of the Master’s Hand, (Myra Brooks Welch) the writer tells the story of an old violin being sold at auction. The bidding opened at one dollar. The auctioneer didn’t think it was worth much but was pleased when it rose to three dollars. Just as he was about to slam down his hammer a grey-haired man walked to the front. He picked up the bow, wiped the dust from the violin, tightened the strings and began to play the sweetest of music. When he had finished the auctioneer asked once more for any other bids. Immediately a 1,000 was offered then 2,000 and finally 3,000 and the hammer fell, sold. Someone asked what changed the worth of the violin and an answer came back: The touch of the master’s hand.

Our heavenly master’s hand is what gives value and makes a life useful today. Sometimes we’re written off by others, or we do it ourselves. God never writes us off. He loves to take ordinary people like us and touch us with His power and use us in extraordinary ways. What God did with the shepherd/orchard-keeper like Amos he can do with us.

So, this Pentecost let us be open to a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit.

Fill us anew Lord and use us for your glory. Amen

Peter Mockett

Girls' Brigade in Lock-down
Read here how GB is coping during the Coronavirus lock-down.

Do you need prayer or practical help?

There are members of the prayer team who would gladly pray over the phone with you.
Please contact Sue who will ask one of the team to contact you.
Please don’t forget that we have volunteers who are happy to run errands, pick up prescriptions, help with
shopping and also dog walking. Contact Sue Tel: 01305 823350 or Helen and we will put someone in touch with you.

Online Sunday Services
While we're on lockdown and producing our Sunday services online, why not subscribe to our Weymouth Baptist Church YouTube channel and get each service automatically? If you're watching a service here on our website, click on the "YouTube" link at the bottom right corner, then, in YouTube, just click on the red Subscribe button, and then the bell icon, and you will get a notification whenever a new service is posted.

Future Sermons
JAMES: A Faith that Works
May 31 How to Treat People Right James 2:1-13 (Pentecost)       Peter Mockett
June 7 How to have Real Faith. James 2:14-26                            Peter Mockett
June 14 How to Manage Your Mouth. James 3:1-12 (Communion) Peter Mockett
June 21 How to Relate Wisely to Others. James 3:13-18 (Father's Day all-age service). Tim Ogutu
June 28 How to Avoid Arguments. James 4:1-10.                         Jayne Newton

Need help?

Church members and regular attenders - Please don’t forget that we have volunteers who are happy to run errands, pick up prescriptions, help with shopping and also dog walking. Contact Sue, Tel: 01305 823350 or Helen Tel: 07730 252481 and we will put someone in touch with you.

Also, there are members of the prayer team who would gladly pray over the phone with you. Again, please contact Sue who will ask one of the team to contact you.

Pastoral Updates
Kindly inform the Church Office of any changes to your details i.e. address, telephone number or email address. Many thanks.

If you would like to contact any of the Pastors, then please feel free to call them on the mobile numbers below (please respect their time off so they can be with their families):

  • Senior Pastor Peter 07969 668509 (Peter's day off is Monday)
  • Pastor in Training Jayne Newton 07522 281539 (Jayne works for WBC on Wednesday and Friday)
  • Youth Pastor Tim Oguto 07968 032779 (Tim's day off is Wednesday)