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Page updated: 1st December 2023

Do remember that if you have any words of encouragement, answers to prayer, or other news for this page or the weekly emailed newsletters, please send these to Ted via email ideally by Wednesday lunchtime.


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News Updates

Sunday Evening Prayer Meetings
Twice a month church members and friends join together in praying as a church - on the first Sunday evening of the month together in church and a fortnight later on Zoom.
Both meetings start at 7.15 pm.

The next prayer evening is Sunday 3rd December in church, followed by Sunday 17th December on Zoom.

A Prayer for the Middle East

This prayer, from Lynn, General Secretary, Baptist Union, was read out in church last Sunday:

Lord God,
     It is with shock and horror we witness the devastating violence and loss of life in Israel-Palestine over recent days.
     We come to you as the source of all comfort asking that you send your Spirit to surround and uphold all those who are grieving, all those who are suffering, all those in fear, and all those in captivity. May the arms of comfort and compassion, overwhelm the arms of war.
     We come to you as the source of all peace asking that you send your Spirit to  strengthen and uphold those pursuing an end to violence, embolden those with a heart for truth and justice, and amplify voices of wisdom and restraint. May the light of peace and reconciliation, overwhelm the darkness of destruction.
     We come to you as the source of all hope, asking that you send your Spirit to bring about a future, where neighbours embrace despite their differences, where love conquers hate, humility surpasses pride, and where forgiveness is treasured as a fundamental strength. May the hope of a day when weapons of conflict will be transformed into tools of reconciliation be realised soon, so there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things will have passed away.

      Dates for your Diary

      Ladies Zoom Meeting
      Every Wednesday morning
      , 11.30 - 12.30 pm. If you live alone or don't see many people in the week or would just like to join us for a natter, please contact Pauline Hardisty for the Meeting ID and Passcode.

      Weyfinders Christmas Celebratory Lunch

      At the Rembrandt Hotel, Dorchester Road, Weymouth on Wednesday 6th December at 12 noon for 12 30 pm.
      Please add your name on the notice board in the church corridor if you are coming. Sparkle and Christmas Jumpers welcome.
      Full Christmas Lunch Carvery £16.50. Desserts £6.50. Coffee Extra. Vegetarian option . . . choose on the day.
      Deposits please of £10 must all be in by the 26th November. These are being being collected by Gill or Andy Joiner.

      Walking Weyfinders 
      Why not join us for a walk this month?   
      The December walk will start at 2.00 pm from outside the Library entrance, South Walks Road, Dorchester DT1 1EE on Tuesday 12th December.  Gill Bridle will lead a town walk around Fordington for approximately 1.5 hours with refreshments afterwards. For any who prefer a shorter walk, there will be an opportunity to return earlier.
      Gill Bridle

      Lunch Bunch
      On your own for Sunday Lunch?
      Why not join the Lunch Bunch for a friendly meal together?
      Our next lunch will be on Sunday 17th December.
      Please book a place and get all the details from Jill Hogg.

      Carols by Candlelight
      Carol Service

      Our Carols by Candlelight Service with hot chocolate and mince pies will be on Sunday 17th December at 5.00 pm.

      Latest sermon: visit our Sermons page

      Upcoming Sunday Services: vsit our Worship Services page.


      We Care
      We Care LogoAt Weymouth Baptist Church “We Care”.
      In an effort to better help one another both prayerfully and practically, a new initiative is being launched. The careful provision of simple ‘ready meals, as appropriate, will serve as a tangible expression of loving concern and show that “We Care”.
      Therefore, if for any reason you (or someone you know within the WBC family) would benefit from a meal from “Wiltshire Farm Foods” then please contact the Pastoral Care Team on 07724 285855 and we will do our best to arrange delivery, along with an assurance of our heartfelt prayers.
      Alternatively, simply drop a note into the Prayer Box located in the Church Welcome Area.
      Because Jesus cares, “We Care”!

      CAP Hampers
      Could you help give our Christians Against Poverty (CAP) clients a special treat this Christmas?
      We need several Hampers with items such as Christmas Puddings, Mince Pies, etc
      Maybe your Life group could get together and fill a box with goodies?
      You can also donate to a box in the foyer for CAP clients. There is a list of suggested items.
      Items need to be provided by Monday 18th December.
      We know every gift will be a delight to our clients.
      The CAP Team

      Board Games Needed

      if anyone has unwanted board games like chess, dominoes and backgammon please could they donate them for our brothers from the barge.

      Dave Rees will be collecting them at WBC

      Explore Your Call
      The next Explore Your Call event will be on Wednesday 6th December at 7.30 - 9.00 pm and will be online via Zoom.
      This will be an opportunity to look at different forms of ministry within Baptist life: Pioneer, CYF, Chaplaincy, Church, Full-time, Bi-vocational, Fully Accredited, Regionally Recognised.
      There will be the opportunity to hear from those engaged in these areas, ask questions, think about how God might be calling you and what the next steps could look like.
      For more information and the link, please email.
      Many thanks,
      Amy Allen
      Administration Manager
      Southern Counties Baptist Association

      Weyfinders Holiday Update
      We missed being able to go to Sidmouth this Autumn, but we all had all our deposits returned. Something for you to think about; we are planning to provisionally book a holiday from Sunday, June 2nd till Thursday, June 6th 2024. There will be no deposit required yet, but if you want the room of your choice as before you will need to contact the Royal York and Faulkner Hotel, free on 0800 220714.
      Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.
      June Stephens

      Rhys's Christmas Quiz Night

      Rhys’s Christmas Quiz Night
      My name is Rhys, I am 14 and I have attended Weymouth Baptist Church all my life. I'm excited to share that in the Summer of 2025, I will be embarking on a life-changing adventure with the World Challenge programme to Morocco
      During this trip, I will have the opportunity to support community initiatives and undertake a challenging trek to the highest peak in North Africa.
      To make this adventure a reality, I am actively fundraising through a variety of events and activities the first of which is a CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT that will take place at The Prince of Wales School on Saturday 16th December 2023.
      It would be great to see lots of people from Weymouth Baptist Church at this event. To book your tickets, please click here.
      Alternatively, you can donate directly to my GoFundMe page.
      Your support, however big or small, is very much appreciated.
      Warm regards,
      Rhys Spracklen

      Your Weekly Newsletters
      Next week, the 1st December, will see the last issue of the Sunday Reminder for 2023 published, and this will be followed by the Weekly News on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of December. The December 22nd issue will cover the Christmas and New Year period, the next publication being the January Sunday Reminder on Friday 5th January.
      If you are planning on sending in any notices for publication before Christmas, kindly ensure I have them in plenty of time before the Christmas deadline.

      Ted Winter

      Decorating the Church for Christmas
      The Flower Group will be decorating the Church for Christmas on Saturday 9th December and as always we would welcome your help. 🙂 if you would like to help we will be in Church from around 9:30 am and would love it if you could join us for as long or as short a time as you can. Don’t worry, there are a wide range of jobs so you won’t be asked to do something you aren’t sure about. Please bring your own secateurs if you have some although we do have a couple of pairs in the flower room that people can borrow.
      We would also be grateful for any seasonal greenery if anyone can spare some - laurel, bay, holly, ivy, rosemary and anything with berries would be lovely.
      Look forward to seeing you

      Flower Rota for 2024
      Many thanks to everyone who has provided flowers through the last year. I will be sorting out the rota for those who would like to provide flowers in 2024 in the next couple of weeks.
      If you would like to continue to provide flowers on the same dates then you don’t need to do anything and I will just move your name forward to 2024’s list.
      If you would like to come off the list or make any other changes then please either speak to either me (Sarah Etheridge) or Brenda Jones or drop me an email.
      If you haven’t previously provided flowers but would like to, there are some spaces on the list so please contact us as above.
      Sarah Etheridge

      Nominations for Deacons
      We are grateful to the Deacons who serve WBC so faithfully behind the scenes. Some are stepping down at the next AGM (date to be announced). Please prayerfully consider possible nominees. Nominations for new Deacons to Liz Tripp, Church Secretary, (07541 613134) would be appreciated as soon as possible. A full compliment of Deacons is needed to share the responsibilities and work enabling the continued smooth running of the church.
      Ted Winter has done an amazing job on communications. A replacement has been found for Ted to take the lead on communications. Ian Etheridge will be formally nominated prior to the AGM.
      Martin Gardener, who is the Deacon responsible for the Fabric, has done an equally amazing job both at the church building and at the Manse. Martin is stepping down at the next AGM. Nominations are needed for his replacement who would take on the mantle of overall responsibility for looking after the building. The Manse is being looked after by Mark Steadman, taking on the role on Manse Manager. We are grateful to him for taking on this responsibility.
      In order to make the Fabric Deacon’s task less onerous for his successor, Martin has provided a list of some of the tasks which could be delegated. Please look at the list below. Whilst Fabric Deacon might not be you, would you be able to help with one or more of these tasks? If so, please have a word with Martin to see what would be involved.

      Fire alarm testing – weekly

      Fire extinguisher checking – monthly, plus letting Chubb into the building for bi-annual check.

      Water temperature testing, flushing through all taps and shower – monthly

      Emergency lighting testing – every three months

      Arrange gas safety test – yearly

      Arrange electrical testing – every three years

      A replacement still needs to be appointed to succeed Ian Newton who stepped down at the AGM earlier this year.
      At some point after a new senior minister has settled into post a new Church Secretary and Church Treasurer will be needed to succeed Liz Tripp and Neil Hardisty.
      In Acts 6 when the early church first appointed deacons they were to be, “of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom,” Acts 6:3. Their appointment helped further the work of the Gospel and the mission of the Church.
      The Deacons and Interim Moderator

      “What is a Deacon” is a single-page leaflet put together by WBC using extracts taken from the BU Corporation guide “Help I’m a Deacon”. It can be emailed to you on application to Ted Winter.

      WBC's Prayer Box

      Prayer BoxAre you in need of prayer? WBC now has a Prayer Box into which anyone is invited to place written requests. This is located in the Welcome Area and any such requests will be prayed through by a member of the Pastoral Care Team. You are welcome to remain anonymous if you wish, but please do feel free to include your name and contact details if you would like someone to get back to you.

      "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." (Philippians 4v6)

      The "Shining Light" Fund

      The purpose of the fund is to provide financial help to those in our church community who may have just about been managing 'to make ends meet', then suddenly get an unplanned expense impossible to fund without going into severe debt. For example, this could be a boiler repair, or a car (essential for work) needing repairs to get it through the MOT. If that is you, or you know someone who would benefit from urgent financial help, please contact Jonathan Greening.  All requests will be handled in strictest confidence, and any money granted would not need to be repaid. Also, if anyone would like to make a financial contribution to keep the 'Shining Light' Fund solvent, please contact Neil Hardisty, WBC Treasurer.

      Kids NewsKids News Logo

      Treasures Christmas Party

      Treasures Christmas Party
      13th December 2023, 10 am - 12 noon.
      We would like you to bring some covered party food along to share.
      A £2 fee goes towards providing a gift from Santa.
      Closing date for booking and payment will be 6th December.
      See or contact Amber for full details.