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Page updated 24th October 2020


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WBC Bank Buildings
 If you have reason to go into the premises (by whichever door you use) please can you sign in and out so that we have a record of who has been in the building for track and trace purposes.  There is a sign-in sheet on the table as you go into the side corridor from the side entrance door.

Church Reopening
See below under the COVID19 Notices

Our love and congratulations from everyone at WBC to Derek Stephens who will be celebrating his
91st birthday on Sunday 25th October.

Dates for your Diary

Half Term with Kids on the Wey!

To continue our Series 1 of Friends and Heroes, “Kids on the Wey” can watch a new episode of Friends and Heroes each day of Half-Term! Just follow the link and password to follow Macky and his friends on new adventures. Throughout the week, children will explore Bible stories and learn about Joseph and his brothers, Moses, Jonah and Elijah.

Monday –      Password - 410019

Tuesday –     Password -  410019

Wednesday      Password - 410019

Thursday –      Password - 410019

Friday – (Activities/Games related to episodes)



Need help?

Church members and regular attenders - Please don’t forget that we have volunteers who are happy to run errands, pick up prescriptions, help with shopping and also dog walking. Contact Sue, Tel: 01305 823350 or Helen Tel: 07730 252481 and we will put someone in touch with you.

Also, there are members of the prayer team who would gladly pray over the phone with you. Again, please contact Sue who will ask one of the team to contact you.

If you would like to contact any of the Pastors, then please feel free to call them on the mobile numbers below (please respect their time off so they can be with their families):

  • Senior Pastor Peter 07969 668509 (Peter's day off is Monday)
  • Minister in Training Jayne Newton 07724 285855 - Please note Jayne’s new number. (Usual work days: Tuesday, Wednesday and  Friday, although there will be flexibility from week to week)
  • Youth Pastor Tim Oguto 07968 032779 (Tim's day off is Wednesday)

Church Reopening
There may be opportunities for Life Groups to meet in the building for bible study. We will be strictly following the current government/Baptist Union guidelines and restrictions for all indoor meetings.

Useful website addresses

WBC’s YouTube Channel:
WBC's Facebook page:
WBC’s Noticeboard:

Online Sunday Services
While we're on lockdown and producing our Sunday services online, why not subscribe to our Weymouth Baptist Church YouTube channel and get each service automatically? If you're watching a service here on our website, click on the "YouTube" link at the bottom right corner, then, in YouTube, just click on the red Subscribe button, and then the bell icon, and you will get a notification whenever a new service is posted.

Sermons are still being posted on this website's Weekly Sermons page.

For those who are unable to view the WBC online Services
We would like to be able to share a bigger part of the WBC Sunday online services to those folk who are unable to see or hear the services for themselves. If you would like to be linked with a Church Member who could relay the service over the telephone for you to hear, then please contact the Church Office. So, obviously we would be seeking members willing to offer this to those who have shown an interest. Likewise, please contact the Church Office.

Praise the Lord, at last Kath Stewart has been allocated her second guide dog!

Hello. I am so happy to be sending you this text.

So last Friday I finally got to meet Daisy at St Pancras. We had a walk, with Daisy guiding me, and her trainer on hand to help. She came to stay overnight to see how she would settle and also how she would get on with our cat! God answered our prayers in abundance as she settled amazingly, Daisy and the cat ended up sleeping in the same room together! I had another walk with her and that went well, so next Monday Daisy is coming to live with us, and together we will begin 6 weeks of classes, training and walks with the trainer. At the end of the 6 weeks Daisy will be passed as a fully qualified Guide dog and I will be passed as her owner. I’m so excited as it has been amazing walking with her and the difference it makes.

She is such a blessing and has come at exactly the right time. She is a lovely dog and super sweet, gentle and very loving. I feel very blessed, Kath xxx

Free Trishaw Rides

I am involved in the running of a local charity called Cycling Without Age in Weymouth, which takes people who are isolated or experiencing loss of mobility, out on a cycle ride on a purpose built Trishaw. Anyone who would like a FREE ride can call me, Keith Johnson (number in the Member's Directory).

Harvest 2020
Please consider making a donation towards The Nest Weymouth as your
Harvest gift this year.

Many thanks
, Peter Mockett

The Nest
Harvest is a very appropriate time for people to give and obviously we are in the "getting established" stage which requires publicity and raising awareness of the huge need and the means of trying to meet that need. In general people know that the Foodbank is there to serve people in a crisis but don't necessarily understand what a social supermarket, or as we call it, a community shop, is there to do. Our aim is to sell good quality, nutritious food at around a third of the price it would cost in a supermarket to those people who are trying to live on a low income.

Our estimate is that there are around 8,000 such people in Weymouth & Portland.

We would really value monetary gifts at this stage rather than food. We guarantee that all such gifts will be spent on food and not on set-up costs or admin. We do not want actual food items because we are in the process of setting up a shop which is somewhat different from selling a hotchpotch of items which people have given. When we are open we would really appreciate gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables but what we need now is money to purchase bulk stock for the shelves. 

Gifts can be made either directly to the bank account (Santander: Sort Code 090129  Account Number 41990458) or by cheque payable to "The Nest Weymouth" or cash handed to any member of the team - Elaine Pullen, Nigel Ovenden, Eli Holland, Fiona Johnson, Fiona Daborn or Neil Hardisty.

Also - If anyone feels the call to volunteer as a helper at The Nest they should contact Eli - email or mobile: 07724 285851.

We would also value people's support in remembering us in prayer both now, as we get started, and as we seek to meet the needs of many people in Weymouth. Neil Hardisty

Weymouth Foodbank
Last weekend Foodbank moved into a new phase as we transferred some of our food stocks to our new warehouse facility at Albany Road on the Granby Estate.  At the same time we moved the packing of parcels from the Large Hall to the Parlour.  We would like to say a big thank you to the church which allowed us to use the Church Hall for the last 6 months.  This has meant we have been able to maintain social distancing in these COVID times and continued to operate the Foodbank. Also a big thank you to all the volunteers who have helped at Foodbank over the last 6 months and to those who helped us with the move last Saturday.

Members will have seen the Deacons’ News regarding what is happening with Foodbank and how we are now set up as a separate Charity with responsibility for our own administration and funds.  Thank you to Weymouth Baptist Church for its support and provision of space over the last few years and your continued support as we will continue to distribute food parcels from our church on Tuesday and Friday mornings as well as from other locations across the town.  As you can see there has been a lot happening with Foodbank with some real answer to prayer and we thank you once again for your support and prayers. Helen Miller

Jars and Jam

Hi all, I have been busy making 60 lbs of various jam from the fruit in our garden. Some of this will be given to The Nest and some would normally be sold for GB funds. As no events are happening to do this, if you would like to buy a jar or two, so we can help some of our disadvantaged girls get a uniform, just let me know or call at our house. Also I have run out of jam jars, so if you have any decent  jars please let me know and we can collect them sometime - no immediate urgency - most of the fruit is in the freezer!
Pauline H.

Operation Christmas Child 2020
We at WBC have the opportunity to support OCC again this year. However, it will take a different format. Can you fill a box with toys and goodies for a child in need?  Ideal fillers are stationery items, soap, flannel and toothbrush (no toothpaste please), toys such as a doll, ball or cuddly, a knitted hat or pair of gloves.  You could also include a Christmas card or photo of yourself.

We need to collect these boxes in by the first week of November.  We realise that dropping the boxes off at church may be difficult or impossible this year, so we can pick them up from your doorstep if required. Also we can drop a pre printed box to you if you would like one of these. If you are unable to fill a whole box, or have items you think would be fun to put in a box, please let us know and we can pick these up as well. You may like to do a box online instead and all the information can be found at
Please feel free to ring Amanda Dervley (number in the Member's Directory) for any further information or help we can give.

Please pray for NEW Deacons
We particularly need a deacon to take on responsibility for the church fabric (you don’t have to be an expert – there is help from other church members) also for someone to pick up our Communications and IT area. Please speak to Peter if you know someone who may be right, or you feel the calling yourself. Many thanks and we keep trusting God for our future.

Please note
This web-page is updated weekly from the WBC News which is emailed to WBC members and regular attendees, and we would ask that you keep personal, church information and family news confidential within the church family.

Thank you.