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6th February 2024

Since October 2023 we have welcomed asylum seekers from the Bibby Stockholm barge which is moored in Portland. We work collaboratively with other local churches in a range of activities, including ministry to men from the Bibby Stockholm. Currently approximately forty asylum seekers regularly attend services in one church or another, with an average of twenty five to thirty coming to our Sunday services. Translation apps for their mobile phones help their participation. Men also attend a weekly inter-church Bible study in Farsi (most of the attendees currently come from Iran) led by a British person who speaks the language and knows their culture. There is also an afternoon of refreshments and chat. The Gospel has a concern for compassion, justice and welcoming the stranger, but this does not equate to naivety nor complicity in disingenuous asylum claims. Such claims harm those whose claim is real.

Nearly all the men with whom we have contact became Christians in their native countries, all of which are known to be hostile to the Christian faith. Living under any one-religion or one-ideology totalitarian state invites suspicion, harassment of their families and the very real threat of arrest, trial and possible execution. There would be no chance of asylum seekers being baptised in their own countries. It would be too dangerous. That is why some of them have been baptised in churches in different parts of this country where they were living prior to being moved to south Dorset, and seven have been baptised here since their arrival in October. The act of baptism is something that follows conversion and involves a course of preparation and usually a public testimony as to how they came to faith in Jesus Christ. Decisions about baptisms proceeding are not made by one person but by a number who have worked with the men and have got to know them. This minimises the risk of a disingenuous person being baptised. A person choosing to be baptised for falsely perceived short term gain potentially faces an eternal loss. So, it is in no-one’s interests to have “bogus” baptisms, for such baptisms would compromise the integrity of the church, would discredit the Gospel we preach and worse, would dishonour the name of Christ.


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