Our Online Service for 11th April 2021:

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Participating in this week's service:

Service led by: JP & Amanda Dervley
Worship songs:
     Louise Dukes
     WBC Worship Group
     Paul Wittle
     Jayne Newton
Prayers: Judith Dodd
The Good Shepherd's Crook: Don Bridle
                                                                                Message: Rev. Peter Mockett -  "Road to the Throne".

Logo Sunday 11th April

Friends and Heroes Series 2 – Ep 17 - Rescue Strangers - It seems Macky may be getting a little full of himself. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Barnabas who objected to being treated as gods in Lystra but, later, when a stranger named Tamar urges him to attempt a risky mission, Macky readily agrees. Portia is angry with him for rejecting her advice and choosing a stranger’s, and Isaac recounts the story of Michal’s rescue of David from King Saul in order to motivate Portia to action.

Sunday 18th April
Friends and Heroes Series 2 – Ep 18 - Prince for a Day
 - Macky sets out to rescue the real Daniel, this time disguised as a Roman noble. Isaac retells the story of Paul and Elymas to underscore the danger of trying to be something you’re not, while Macky contrasts the Romans’ over-abundance and lack of gratitude with his own people’s tribulations when he tells Portia the story of Moses and the Miracle Water.

The web address and password for both dates are published in the WBC News, or available from the team.

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All services and activities in the building are suspended until further notice except Weymouth Food Bank (see links below) which will be opening at the usual times

Sunday services are transferred to YouTube (see above)

Sunday morning services: 10 am - 12 noon.

Communion during the service the 3rd Sunday of the month.

Prayer and Communion: 7.15 pm the 1st Sunday of the month.

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