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The Alpha Course

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We watch a 25-minute film that’s designed to inspire questions.
Share your thoughts and questions in relaxed small groups.

Explore life's biggest questions

Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask, without anything getting in the way. Alpha is an 11-week course that explores faith, meaning and purpose. We get together every week to watch a talk and explore life’s biggest questions. There’s no pressure or follow-up. Everyone is welcome. And it’s completely free.

How it works

  • Connect

  • First, we meet and catch up over lunch (that’s free too)

  • Watch

  • Discuss

‘The hardest part was just showing up the first night. Alpha became a community where I could kind of air all my questions, share my dirty laundry, and nobody looked at me any differently.’

More Info

This course is jointly run by Weymouth Baptist Church and The Prayerhouse Weymouth.