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What is Prayer About?

PrayerGod created prayer for us to communicate with Him.  It is an intimate form of bonding that touches His heart.  He modeled it for us through The Bible and lived it for us through Jesus.  He gave us the Holy Spirit to nurture and mature us in this gift.

Prayer is an action louder than words.  We can all testify to the power of prayer in our own lives; when prayer changed our heart, when prayer changed the circumstances around us or enabled us to cope with those circumstances, when prayer was our only answer.

For over 2000 years people have asked “Lord, teach us to pray…” (Luke 11:1).  At Weymouth Baptist Church we desire to equip every person to be able to do this, release every person to a rich and rewarding prayer life, and continue to expand this ministry.

Coming Forward for Prayer

You will receive a warm welcome whenever you come forward for prayer.  We offer our total dependency on God and a willingness to give time and listen without judgment as we seek God’s wholeness and healing with each person.  Most of the team have themselves received ministry and are in the process of being healed so understanding runs deep among the team members.

Prayer ministry is available during and at the end of each service by coming to the front of the church where a member of the team will join you to pray for you (Intercessors).  Those ministering are trained and appointed by the Church leadership.

Prayer Chain

This ministry is so valuable and is for emergency needs that arise and require urgent prayer.  If you are in a Life Group, contact your group leader for further information.  If not, contact Doris Flack.  Details can be found on the back page of the Members Directory.  Home groups meet each week and spend part of the evening in prayer.